About this blog

What is CrossrOAds?

As the capitals indicate, CrossrOAds is a blog about open access (OA). I aim to add to the discussions on this subject my own particular voice, informed by both a science background (physics) and a research career in social science (education, intellectual property). As a result, I value facts, data and evidence. I consider myself a generalist, more interested in similarities between fields and schools of thought than in what opposes them. I also (or try to) value nuance and compromise. I hope it’s what my writings convey.

Why the name CrossrOAds?

I named my blog CrossrOAds because when I started it in early 2019, it described both my personal situation and scholarly communication at a whole.

  • I retired in 2016. In the last decade of my career as a university professor, I had worked on a continuous basis to promote and implement OA at various levels. After a few years trying to keep on “making a difference”, mainly by engaging in Twitter, ResearchGate and blog discussions on OA and copyright, I felt the need to choose a new path to make my voice and my ideas heard in a more visible and, I hope, efficient way.
  • Since universal tool-free access was first envisioned, in the mid-1990s, and the birth of the OA movement, in the early 2000’s, progress towards the ultimate goal has been extremely slow, even if the idea of universal OA has become quite pervasive. However, the best way to reach and to implement OA seemed less and less clear, as it involves stakeholders with various, often conflicting interests. In September 2019, Plan S, an initiative of a group of European funders, caused an earthquake that saw all stakeholders being forced to make their points and take a stance. My first blog post was part of the ensuing discussion.

Marc Couture — 2019-01-19